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I was at my cousins ​​wedding brides stepped back a nastyvideotube couple of weeks. I would not go, knowing that would nastyvideotube not meet many nastyvideotube people and my girlfriend, Sharon could go talk to everyone and left me on my own. In any case, the wedding was much better than expected ! There were a couple of cousins ​​and aunt and uncle Sharon at our table, all very nice people, but it was Aunt Linda, most caught my attention. She was sitting next to me and exactly the kind of woman who covet. She was 50 or younger with dyed blond hair, very sexy in a tarty, heavy makeup around the eyes, long red nails and lots of jewelry. She wore a black pencil skirt above the knee with black colored stockings or socks, I almost started to drool when wearing boots black with a very high spikey heels appeared, but so far its best feature is her tits, which were massively and looked very strong in her tight blouse Lo- Cut. Overall, it was sex on legs in a cheaptarty way, I was in heaven. We are very good and once the dancing began, we met at the bar overlooking the dance floor, I had a few drinks on board at that time was my heart so when I talked to her, I put my hand on her ass, she looked up and smiled, and groped and massaged her big ass through her tight skirt. ' to accompany me out a fag? ' He said. 'Of course ' I replied. We walked across the dance floor to the back door, her ass swaying like high-heeled boots clicking on the wooden floor, pitchers were just swaying with each step. Once outside, we moved around, we started making out furiously, I had my hand under her skirt in no time felt her stockings and her pussy through her ​​panties, she wrapped her legs around my dig their nastyvideotube boots on me. He stuck his head in her huge tits and kissed and sucked me. She pulled his cock and pulled me. 'I love a boob man ?, Want tits Aunt Linda?' She whispered, before answering slid the wall and I started fucking her tits in no time I shot a huge load on her breasts and neck waited there until every drop had fallen on it. 'We came out the nastyvideotube next time a fag I want to fuck me hard,' he smiled. keep you informed
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